Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Skeonamm. Sundays.

So this weekend was pretty chill didn't really do anything but relax, eat, and think.
i have been looking for a photographer because one of my roomies (Tina)
works at a modeling acting agency. and nooo i dont want to be a model. been there done that
and i must say it wasn't for me i was way to bored. its for some but its more of a fun spare time thing for me.
ok ok so she is trying to set up some auditions for me on some acting gigs. nothing like super big
but like commercials and like short tv shows. i do need a profile for this and the
young modeling pics moms has under the bed from forever ago aint going to cut it.
so i have been lookin' around and i did meet this really cool guy that has done photography at some fashion shows... that
wanted me to see his work. he did a photo shoot with my other roomie(jenny) and i like his style.
its different. well anyways he snap a pic of me and i decided to save it so here it is=)

Ok soo lets keep in mind i wasnt going for a picture so i wasnt really camera ready my apologies lol

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Just a thought*-#1

Apprehending that I’ve always been in power.
Allowing YOU back into MY Life.
But.. Somehow through all
The Chances…
The Kisses…

The love makin’ with… the I love yu’s
And.. let’s not forget ..
Yu still manage to fuck up.
And yu wondered.. why my guard was up?
Realizing but not acknowledging
That decisions should be made for me
And not blurred by the vision of my heart.
so for both our sake.
lets hope our futures aren’t at stake.