Friday, May 29, 2009

Just a Thought#2**

A concrete smile
that i am unacquainted with
seems to overwhelm me with confusion.
my mind is twisted, concluded that
my heart is no longer embedded underneath my ribs.
no heart, that could pump blood through my veins
which would leave me..breathless.
as my sun-kissed cheeks rose
at the aspiration of you relieving my pain.
my frame stiffens
and my face is flushed.
as i forgot how it felt to be admired.
so i thank you.
because happiness is all i desired.


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

fundamentals of life.

so i know i havnt posted in a while just been on some lowkey type of ish.
if you want to read this then cool if not then dont.
for the last two months i think i have been beyond nice.
took ppls opinions in consideration when i really shouldnt of thought twice about what
well i guess this is the new me. same person and everything but i dont think
im ever going to allow someone to use me again. i thought i was the problem when in all reality i wasnt. i know what i want out of life and its definitely not bad karma. i guess you can say im not
i know who i am (or at least learning more about myself everyday)
ive learned you cant teach someone how to grow up. its something that comes natural..kind of something you adapt too.
so right now i have people in my life that need to be in my life for the moment or maybe even forever who knows. people come in & out of your life just to get you to the next chapter in your book.
once the chapter has ended you keep reading. life goes on.
there is really no explanation for why things happen they just do.
ill look back on these last two months and say


it may be stormy right now..but it cant rain forever=)
so me and the girls took a lil vaca to LA this weekend to get away. i can say i have never laughed so much in one weekend too much fun
met up with some pretty cool people..made new friends sooo for the most part the weekend was
doooppeee... lol
so this weekend is making me rethink my location.. i could deff do cali for a while get my stuff together. idk. AZ just has old memories and hot weather. lol.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sex in the City Ladies/Reckless

But we Are O so ReckLess
so we went swimming and had a sex in the city moment night.
so like imagine us like 50 years from now super old and ish.. hahahah o gosh i hope not

Can anyone guess which one of the girls from the sex in the city movie lol ??? if you know our personalities you might be able to get 2 out of 4 lol

& when i need comfort they will be the first i call. =)