Wednesday, September 30, 2009

screaming sickness*

Last night I tossed n silent screams.

I woke with my ears at dreadful rings.

sickness prevailed& kept me at lie.

will no one hear my lonely cries?


Monday, September 21, 2009

The sole of my shoe.

I have walked alone, seeking answers

I have lived isolated, chasing dreams

I have tried to prove my worth

To those who are worthless judges.

I have cried my pain, in silent screams.

I have stumbled alone, through tunnels of agony.

But no more!...

I rest my feet in the sole of my shoe.


I walk with the little girl, I use to be.

I live to fulfill my dreams.

I have the knowledge of myself worth.

& have tattooed my pain, throughout my body.

In remembrance of what brought me to this life.

This life… that has yet to begun.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Reality of Unspoken Words

Kissed my lips as we said goodbye.

Tears lavished my eyes aware I would see yu again

Gazing at yur lips as they expressed the words I’ve been yearning to hear.


I-I would never hurt you like the rest.


L –Lies are not tattooed on my lips.


O-Offering you a shoulder to cry on.


V-Victoriously showing I’m like no other “man”


E-Engaged in my feelings for yu.


Y-You cant see how I really am.


O-Overcoming the game for you.


U-Uniquely strategizing how not to break your heart.

A Delivered Letter contradicted all these words you pronounced.

Made me realize..

The Reality of Unspoken words.