Monday, February 16, 2009

drunken weekends

He will say he loves me
Can’t live without me
Just wants to hold me.

He will say he didn’t mean to weaken me
That it should have never happened
And that he is sorry….

He will make me cry because;
He doesn’t know how to handle my love.
Wipe away my tears
And tell me everything’s ok.

He will make me feel protected
Convince me I’m his only aspiration.
He will show his dedication


He will hear me but will not listen.
Sit there with a vacant stare

question why he keeps doing wrong.

He will wonder if
“this is it”
“The last straw”
How much more can she endure?

He will sit there with
Vulnerable eyes
that can see right through me.

He will read my mind
And know what I am thinking
“That I love him”
He will grab my hands
And know my love is too profound
To detach
But; knows my arrogance will not
Leave these words unspoken.
He knows my heart is broken.

Yet; he smiles knowing that
My heart will mend.
Just like every weekend..
I forgave him

“I am more than what you bargained for, nothing less than real”—Drake

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines day ending,..

Valentines day was not the most romantic...buttt me and tiana had fun..

-----there will be another blog about the details of valentines day----------

sooo we went to jilly's and saw mike jonees...

we were super close to him.

soo in the middle of mike jones rapping---"im in love with a stripper" a big fight broke out with some girl and a white girl that may have actually been a stripper....

i got pushed on stage with mike jones and almost knocked down the dj booth...because so may ppl were up there....
anywhooo.. we danced took pics chilled..
had to call a girl out for stepping out of line but other than that pretty good jillys night......

me and tiana at jilly's chilling.----why did we get vip and didnt get a pic with mike jones lol lame...

highlights of the night.
.....lele was deff the most entertaining person at jilly's that night.....

Sunday, February 8, 2009


-------To fall in love is awfully simple, but to fall out of love is simply awful----------

ill continue to write...
will update soon.\\\\\


Friday, February 6, 2009


Okk; sooo yesterday me and tiana finally got our tats...
after a horrible wednesday of going to 4 tattoo shops
1st one closed.
2nd one only one tat artist did finger tats & he wasnt working
(of course)
3rd one closed in 15 mins.
/..... pause.........
in the middle of this driving wasting gas we manage to
get the gas light on; get lost; and pick up markk... '
(he was so annoyed lmao)

4th one...
duuhhhh it was closseedd... hahahah
(it really wasnt funny at the time.)
so we drove around for a hour.
listen to (i like big butts)----o my god.... Beckyyy look at her butt....
yahhh thats how me and tiana rolled on wednesday night.
no tat
n tired.
now yesterday...
\camyyoooo rolled with us...
(with her glass cup juice)hahha
n we got tatted.
the tattoo artist chickk was so ..h.mmmm out there... pretty much dope..
but anywho...
here are the horrible pics that we tried to take with my phone cuz my camara dieedd...

wah yu think bloggers?

heard yu got tattoo's on yur knees (dark cirles) dooopppppeeee............
eeww.. nn yur already dirty darkkkk
(insider w/ reckless)

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cigarette use...

Just another one out of the bunch
To yu we all appear identical
whats the divergence from one to another
when all satisfy yur needs.
but yet yu prefer me.
to prepare for yur satisfaction
its me.
yu tap to get yur attention.
yur lips wrapped around me
as if im yur only yearning
yur body is craving and im there
like constantly.
The light, fire that embraces the passion we have for each other
the energy that intertwines us is
But yu can only suck the existence out of me.
The energy increases.
Meanwhile i decrease.
But it makes yu feel so superior to use me up.
so good that yur willing
To put me out at anytime.
Just to save me for later.
Once yu have had adequate time with me
in yur system.
Yu put me out as if im some off brand that yur not use to.
yu dont want to throw me out
Because there is more of me left
For yu to utilize later

So no.

Maybe yu will stick me
Behind yur ear?


I could get to comfortable up in yur ear all day
something yu dont need to

Distract yu.

not in yur pocket.
I'll be smothered and compressed with very slight room to breath
so what do yu do?
so that ill last long enough to satisfy yu.
and keep yu accompany.

The box, the pack
Throw me in with the rest
As if i'm not unique.
Back in i go.


This time I'm different
Now I'm dull, belittled, and burnt.

something THEY have not yet encountered.

I sit in Mystification.

why is it we fall in love?