Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear Friend.

You came to me unbidden, unwoven you Looked to me for comfort. My hand stretched but, not knowing the conditions of saving you. You came to me with tears and sorrows looking for mywords so you could make it to tomorrow. You gave me this knotted heart as if I was a seamstressable to untangle your heartaches, untangle your life which was a mess. A mess I was willing to clean up. You made me swear under oath that I would never leave you, that I would commit myself to always be your friend. I took that promise and sealed it with sweet kisses knowing I would never let you down. I stood through your pain and raised you from the dead when you had been sucked out of life.

My friend,

I sit here thinking of these photographic memories of you not there. I didn’t know my love could push you so afar, I didn’t know my compassion could make your voice mute.

My friend,

You have drifted so far I can no longer see you. I brought you a light but, you hide in the dark.

Dear friend,

I’m sorry for caring too much, I’m sorry for you loving my heart, that you would make you think I would leave. My friend I’m sorry because maybe my sorry’s will show you how I’ve needed you and you were no were to be found. My sleepless nights, MY pain, MY sorrow… why didn’t you answer me when you heard my screams! You came to me when you were in need and never once did you hear my plea!

My friend…. How could you do this to me?

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Fanatic Socialist

Ok sooo I love your blog, your flickr, your twitter. And even though I don’t go on much I love your fb & and myspace. I’ve fell in love with your words keyed in on your keyboard. When you update my heart races waiting for more. I am in love with your pictures snap shot memories that will forever be embraced by me. I love the way you format your page and make it look all artsy and shit. I love being in love with your artistic ways. And even though my thoughts have a mental spasm trying to figure out what your updates mean I believe I’m becoming a Fein for your social networks. And if I was ever cut off from my frenzies of scrolling through these pages I just might go insane, and I have all your social networks to blame.

Love, your fanatic socialist

Thursday, March 18, 2010


somethings will remain permanent.
forever apart of me.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


lets scream at the top of our lungs. lets blast the music in the car as loud as we can. lets do the unthinkable. lets leap for a little danger. lets take a little risk. lets count all the stars. lets race our cars in the middle of the night. lets tell each other secrets that no one knows. lets sit at the street light and watch the lights change. lets list all the plans we have. lets smile about nothing at all. lets do all these things one at a time. lets do this together because with out you all these things seem pointless. lets live.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Souls Thirst.

Like water, we need to survive the current of our motions are hydrophilic.
i have become oxygen giving our compound energy to breathe.& you my hydrogen needing our 2 hearts to make up our element.
H2O that is physically blended together,we are not bound by chemical bond.
us as one we are loved, wanted, thirsted for.
we are a universal salvage
water which carries heat giving passion. interlocking the heat until its released.
our elements sitting on Opposite ends of the periodic table seems to give us a negative chemical reaction. water coming in contact with nonchalant substances.
These "substances" that have the perfect round shape of their bodies. seeping in our perfectly formatted substance. adding to many of these extra chemicals is beginning to make our
PH below 7 forcing us to become acidic. My oxygen trying to format
The Law of Thermal Dynamics to create equilibrium for you and I to go back to our Neutral stage of we become balanced again. you bring your
2 my oxygen
making our molecule quench our souls thirst for a lifetime.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This small thought for you.

you've become the goosebumps that lay across my skin.
the pulse that keeps my heart beating,
the food my soul yearns for,


i have goosebumps when you leave.
my heart still beats when your away,
and my soul is never quite satisfied from my hunger,

i haven't come up with a complete concept on why
my feelings are so infatuated with your being.
your soul must love my soul because you kept on reading.
This is for you.

Monday, January 25, 2010


sooo basically my cousin is the shit! deff had a jam session in the studio today and i can say im not the least bit suprised i knew she could do it! she is blowin up and yall will have to cop her album soon! o n trust i must give props to greyson for deff taking bomb pics today he is honestly talented. heres his blog follow him. anywho loookk out for tianamonique!