Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Away from life, away from humanity.
out far from no where. where i can scream at the world. Even though im so far out i cant see it but i know that the world keeps spinning. My peace with it im still trying to find. The waves crashing into me from all sides. With different faces they laugh as i struggle to…
These evil faces, souls filled with dark spaces they laugh. Because misery loves company and i wont join them.
In my own fear of falling victim to life. Hoping to breathe a breath of fresh air.
But i have forgotten how to swim. Teaching those in hope that they would remember what it felt like to drown. Reality has become insanity where my sane has lost me…. or ive lost it… i dont know who left who but, 
i want it back. 
And as im out here lost, drowning a flash back of my younger being clouds my mind. All i can see is him….. with his hands under my body looking down at me saying. 
"you must learn how to float before you can swim" 
Eyes open i come back. Im still drowning. I stop trying to swim allowing my body to come to the surface and… 
Float back to life because my future is waiting. Back to shore where i can stand again. I wont be standing alone Love will be waiting for me. Because the Love was never lost.