Sunday, October 26, 2008

Omg Asparagus!!

Camille And Brittany -In ikia-
Brittany: I cant wait to move in our new place
Camille: Yah i know we are gonna have a bomb ass apartment
Brittany:(walking to the plant area) (looks over at bamboo plant)
Camille:(runs over to BAMBOO plant) says: O MY GOD ASPARAGUS!
Brittany:omg camille thats a bamboo plant(weak. laughing so hard almost in tears)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Unappealing Eye?

yu make me despise
the way yu are.
how yu act.
how yu feel.
yur thinking ability
is equal to a child
a child that is not ready
to grow up.
but yet i got close..
caught up in this fairy tale
A fantasy thats merely
only a dream.
a simple..wish,
a hope
that yur
incompetent feelings
will help my inability to understand
how yu think.
easy for yu to just call another
and hard for me..

to let go.

me wondering if yur words
are only in my ears..
i make excuses to
not be mad at yu

but how could i not?

when yu cant be
wit me
the truth in my words
are not compatible with
yur actions.
so attached, overwhelmed
with feelings for yu.
as yu brush me off
like a nat!?
buggn' the shit out of yu.

but who are yu?.....

the "man" that wants
me changed?
keep my inner being
change my outer look
as if im not appealing
to yur
like i need to be a damn
perfect super model for
yu to be satisfied
yur not comfortable with
my own skin...
want to keep me around.....


Thursday, October 16, 2008


I don't get you..

Nor do i understand.

everytime I get close

you pull back.

As soon as i pull back

you creep your way over.

Do i still care.


Do you cross my mind.


can i help it


you constantly do as you please..

like im change in your pocket, you keep in case..

you have nothing left.

The significance i mean to you

is slim to....none.

so why i still hurt is ridiculous.

emotionless feelings

that i cant get rid of

because of what??..

me trusting you..

by letting myself get to deep to you.

now i drown myself with

dry tears

that i soon forget about throughout the day

but undesired thoughts as i lay

on a damped pillow

at night

what do you want from me.....

-just something to put on here til my blogging starts-