Friday, November 16, 2012

Lies Behind Eyes.

Funny thing about photographs is pictures never lie.
At a flash of a moment, a memory is taken.
You can never get that back.
The feelings, the thoughts.  
Joy, hurt, pain.
This picture I can’t tell what is missing.
Your eyes have no ambition left.
No comfort satisfying inspiration behind your eyes.
Just nothing, no life, no memories.


Your eyes use to mesmerize me
Fill me with comfort that you’re ok, Without me.
A million broken pieces I can’t seem to form back together
The life and love I once saw.
It is gone, I no longer recognize you.
& at that moment the comfort of your wellbeing has left me with a


I’ve seen a stranger that I once knew so well.
Once smiled and laughed because I always knew you would be ok.
I would be ok. Without you.
My scars of you have healed but will always be visible
Remembering that you were once so open even when the wound hurt.
I would bleed in contentment.
Drops of love would stain my notebook.
The stains will always remain.
I watch you in silence, my chapter is done
Eyes that make me want to cry.
But all you will tell me is that you’re living.

(You were always good at telling lies)

What’s living when you have lost your purpose?
Is it worth it?
Are you free to say this is the happiest you have ever been
Broken bridges to look out and see you will never cross.
Holding back because you don’t realize you were always strongest on your own.
But you’re never alone.
Your sins have built and you never had the chance to repent.
Never let your own wounds heal completely.
And in your eyes I can see you’re wounded deeply.
More than you will admit.
Falling so in love with your pain, you forgot how to leave it behind.
Owl at night you sit and think how it got so far.
So gone your fingers bleed weeping with your guitar.
You get lost in the music. Find your comfort zone.


So much possibility that is under the surface.
But your Eyes have become legally blind.
You always said you’re just trying to survive.
But your eyes always told the deepest lies.