Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Little White Seed.

Something like a seed.
So diminutive, & dull.
Placed in a garden eager to grow.
As HER brown skin soil,
covered your naked white seed
her love & passion is what you began to feed.
Just to give you enough to produce a bud,
thats how she showed you her love.
So beautiful you are, you begin to bloom,
& the twilight danced around you from the shadows of the moon.
As HER clouds rolled in,
so did the sin.
Leaving wet kisses from the rain,
that night stronger yall became.
As summer beamed in she became so fierce
her soil dried up & you prayed for tears.
As you commence to die
so did the feeling which she deprived.
we could all see that you were dying outside.
How you survived that summer we will never know,
your petals are on the grown
she left you so low.
Now, .. fall has come,
& you have cleaned out your weeds
a tickle of cool air now you can breathe!
Little WHITE SEED its not over yet.
winter is coming & the sun will set.
Gather your strength to keep you warm,
hold yourself up here comes the storm.
Winter is icy, cold, & wet
but Little Seed this is just your first step.
So scream out your silent tears
but don't give up, spring is near.
As your days get warmer
& you start to breathe.
Look at you now
we see you now the beauty you behold,
forgive me for my words
this was your story untold.


Don said...

Love this. The Little Seed, it can be construed as meaning the power of love and growth and compassion. Thanks for sharing.

Brittany said...

Thanks it was written for a really good friend of mine i hope he liked it as much as yu did=)