Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crying Plea.

My dad is cruel.
making me feel as if i dont belong.
What happened to the happy little girl
in the picture with her dad?
now all i have is photographic memories of your love.
a pretty little snap shot of how much you USE to love me.
Daddy's little angel.
your princess.
Will you not hug and kiss me as if i was five again?
Just in a matter of three years it took you to despise me.
Since Ive found my own voice,
you no longer want to hear my words.
Dad i have dreams that you have no knowledge of.
i have lost love that you never warned me about.
It is you i blame! - For not keeping my heart protected.
It is you i balme! - For all these fallen tears.
I blame you dad...
for not warning me of these heartbreaks that i have encountered.
How can i expect him to love me when you do not?
I want to be loved.
Love me
Love me
The only way i can say this is through poetic misery.
this is the way, My way
i want to say something to you.
when i leave dont forget the beautiful vibrations of my voice.
send me a note from time to time
Please dad
dont forget me.
I was the first to cry in your arms and, the last to feel your love.
Where'd I do wrong?
Is the color of my skin not right?
is it because my mother is black and theirs is white?
is it my uniqueness that crawls under your skin?
can i fall into your arms again...
will you accept my plea?
How will i ever learn how to love a man dad?
will you take time to teach me?
These drive by, counterfeit love from these men
have been more than you have given me in twenty years.

Dad i still am the same little girl in the photograph.
its ok to make me happy.
its ok to call me "daddys little girl"
I still am that same girl ive just grown up.
But its ok to love me.
love me dad.



Just love me.



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