Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Souls Thirst.

Like water, we need to survive the current of our motions are hydrophilic.
i have become oxygen giving our compound energy to breathe.& you my hydrogen needing our 2 hearts to make up our element.
H2O that is physically blended together,we are not bound by chemical bond.
us as one we are loved, wanted, thirsted for.
we are a universal salvage
water which carries heat giving passion. interlocking the heat until its released.
our elements sitting on Opposite ends of the periodic table seems to give us a negative chemical reaction. water coming in contact with nonchalant substances.
These "substances" that have the perfect round shape of their bodies. seeping in our perfectly formatted substance. adding to many of these extra chemicals is beginning to make our
PH below 7 forcing us to become acidic. My oxygen trying to format
The Law of Thermal Dynamics to create equilibrium for you and I to go back to our Neutral stage of we become balanced again. you bring your
2 my oxygen
making our molecule quench our souls thirst for a lifetime.


moleculeColony said...

i'm a proton, is there any chance to get accepted as a regular molecule?

BrittNicole said...

hahaha there could be

moleculeColony said...

i see you're a science lover, and an individualist, plus a poet, oh wonderful