Friday, June 18, 2010

Dear Friend.

You came to me unbidden, unwoven you Looked to me for comfort. My hand stretched but, not knowing the conditions of saving you. You came to me with tears and sorrows looking for mywords so you could make it to tomorrow. You gave me this knotted heart as if I was a seamstressable to untangle your heartaches, untangle your life which was a mess. A mess I was willing to clean up. You made me swear under oath that I would never leave you, that I would commit myself to always be your friend. I took that promise and sealed it with sweet kisses knowing I would never let you down. I stood through your pain and raised you from the dead when you had been sucked out of life.

My friend,

I sit here thinking of these photographic memories of you not there. I didn’t know my love could push you so afar, I didn’t know my compassion could make your voice mute.

My friend,

You have drifted so far I can no longer see you. I brought you a light but, you hide in the dark.

Dear friend,

I’m sorry for caring too much, I’m sorry for you loving my heart, that you would make you think I would leave. My friend I’m sorry because maybe my sorry’s will show you how I’ve needed you and you were no were to be found. My sleepless nights, MY pain, MY sorrow… why didn’t you answer me when you heard my screams! You came to me when you were in need and never once did you hear my plea!

My friend…. How could you do this to me?

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