Thursday, October 16, 2008


I don't get you..

Nor do i understand.

everytime I get close

you pull back.

As soon as i pull back

you creep your way over.

Do i still care.


Do you cross my mind.


can i help it


you constantly do as you please..

like im change in your pocket, you keep in case..

you have nothing left.

The significance i mean to you

is slim to....none.

so why i still hurt is ridiculous.

emotionless feelings

that i cant get rid of

because of what??..

me trusting you..

by letting myself get to deep to you.

now i drown myself with

dry tears

that i soon forget about throughout the day

but undesired thoughts as i lay

on a damped pillow

at night

what do you want from me.....

-just something to put on here til my blogging starts-


What Women Want said...

Wow... this is very telling... I've been there before girl... not sure if you've worked it out yet, but from what you've written, I would cut your losses and keep it movin...

Anyhee... I did a post on a book by Sheri Argov called "Why men love Bitches" you might find the book useful...

ciao bella

Echo said...


BrittNicole said...

Thanks for the comments have more to come and ill deff look into that!----

Thanks bro-Echo!