Monday, February 2, 2009

Cigarette use...

Just another one out of the bunch
To yu we all appear identical
whats the divergence from one to another
when all satisfy yur needs.
but yet yu prefer me.
to prepare for yur satisfaction
its me.
yu tap to get yur attention.
yur lips wrapped around me
as if im yur only yearning
yur body is craving and im there
like constantly.
The light, fire that embraces the passion we have for each other
the energy that intertwines us is
But yu can only suck the existence out of me.
The energy increases.
Meanwhile i decrease.
But it makes yu feel so superior to use me up.
so good that yur willing
To put me out at anytime.
Just to save me for later.
Once yu have had adequate time with me
in yur system.
Yu put me out as if im some off brand that yur not use to.
yu dont want to throw me out
Because there is more of me left
For yu to utilize later

So no.

Maybe yu will stick me
Behind yur ear?


I could get to comfortable up in yur ear all day
something yu dont need to

Distract yu.

not in yur pocket.
I'll be smothered and compressed with very slight room to breath
so what do yu do?
so that ill last long enough to satisfy yu.
and keep yu accompany.

The box, the pack
Throw me in with the rest
As if i'm not unique.
Back in i go.


This time I'm different
Now I'm dull, belittled, and burnt.

something THEY have not yet encountered.

I sit in Mystification.

why is it we fall in love?


tianam0nique.--* said...

Mucho snaps.

BrittNicole said...

graci tiana... yu know going through it.

Jussara Annrae said...
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Ashley Outrageous said...

omfg. that was way to deep; how do you write things like that damn. lol

BrittNicole said...

Aw thanks jussara & Ashley. just how they make us feel sometimes.... =)

O Boogz said...

i like the way you compared smoking a cigarette to falling in love. i was actually reading it thinking about a cigarette. lol. cuz im a smoker. haha