Friday, November 25, 2011


Sometimes Promises are never enough.
The word 'Loyalty' is insignificant to this generation.
Even passed our own generation has no room
For meaningless advice, the word loyalty has become faint.
We never know what kind of destruction
Our hearts will lead us to.
The heart is a dangerous weapon.
Leading us in the dark
Blinded because we know not any truth.
How do i follow my heart..
when it only leads me to melancholy writings.
I've tried to leave memories behind
But they always play catch up; reminding me i can never forget.
Letting letters and old photographs stray me off
Murder my secrets that i swore i would keep to myself.
You always did have a way of exposing my secrecy.
My secrets are now frozen at the place where I claimed to heal.
The wounds must of become too familiar
And now are transparent to my skin.
I have been at this place before,
So i should know how to finish this book.
Each time adding on a new chapter, New page in this book.
I forget how to finish.
Pretty hands bleed, from the scars etched in these pages.
You would think i would learn to re-read the manuscript
Remember my pain.
I've begun writing in vain.
Not learning from my mistakes.
Misery silently creeps through my words and I lose who I become.
Each time your blows are hidden on my body.
No one ever knowing I was weakened.
Tears stain my cheeks, for now the music was lost.
Sweet lullabies'
Placing warm smiles on summer days'
A melody of memories has ceased.
Lying still. I have died a little.
I dont blame you.
I have murdered my own heart
Allowing you to steal my dreams'
Take away the small joy I once claimed.
Still never had the strength to curse your name.
Even when you cut,
going straight for the throat.
Humiliation invades my screaming walls.
Another sentence, demolishing this book we created.
Never allowing me to finish a pretty sentence.
Fairy tales are always left at a distance.
Writings' have become my witness.

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