Monday, November 21, 2011

These Walls

We have secrets only the walls can share.

Keeping them alive within their truth

Soft kisses, and warm touches

Countless mornings, when the sun awoke us to each other

Holding breaths just to be relieved

by seeing the reflection of your eyes looking at mine.

Moments captured in memories only the walls can conceal

Intimate talks and soft laughs beneath the sheets.

My lips never going dry from the warm moister of your breath

Pictures fill walls of desire

Never having absence of compassion.

We all have a weakness of being in complete serenity of love

Being in love was like overwhelming happiness

In empty spaces that I did not know I had In my heart

These walls knew it all.

They have witness silent screams and damp pillows

Seen a soulless body lie waiting for depleted love

Tears that cleanse the wounds on my body.

Washing away my pain, but drowning in sorrow.

Hearts begin to beat slowly as time slipped away.

Agony inside my heart .

Not being able to breathe because he was my air.

Love becoming sex without meaning.

Lying there helpless , questioning how it got to this point.

How all the deceit could catch up so fast.

These lies that I claimed I had forgiven.

But forgiveness doesn’t mean the pain doesn’t go away.

Having her lips imprinted on your collar

To remind me that my love was lost.

Which you began to feel my pain the same.

Never intentionally meaning to hurt you.

Asking only for a chance to bring back the love.

I guess one chance was asking to much from you my dear.

Beginning the new year with melancholy writings.

Never knowing the beginning was the end.

Leaving her scent in the home which we had created.

Losing faith because of your one heartbreak.

I never stopped loving .

My walls are my alibi that nothing ever changed.

The pictures remained on my walls invisible to anyone else

These walls can tell more stories than I can in one lifetime.

As if the scarlet letter attach to me wasn’t enough evidence

My secrets have been written on these walls.

Never leaving this room.

my walls have written :

we miss the sweet smell of your scent,

the morning laughs and compassionate nights.

Missing the music surrounding the love confided in this room.

Cold nights greeting you with warm mornings.

I could read the writings of these walls forever.

Reminisce the pictures they withhold.

I could put myself through misery

waiting for my walls to give me the answers.

Writing about our yesterdays waiting for tomorrow to happen.

I could never leave these walls because they have comforted me

In which my soul cannot let go

These walls have changed history

Leaving behind a declaration of our devotion.

Remembering our past so its not condemned to repeat

Swearing to secrecy the writings on these walls

Are like the ink on my body telling stories

Of the pain when it happened,

But that pain only last for so long before the body is imbedded in ink.

Reading the scripture of the walls the stories will remain the same

My walls will always manuscript your name.

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