Friday, December 19, 2008


The weekends are suppose to be your time off.
time to relax.
go out.
have fun.
why is that almost every weekend of my life consist of
it always happens i swear for the couple of months since like

OK Friday nights.
Friday nights are more of my chill nights
reason being i just worked a full week
40 hrs.
and I'm tired and would rather stay in and watch a movie
or just kick back with friends.
pretty simple right.


most of my Friday nights consist of wondering what the hell everyone is going to do.
its always some club. (which i don't want to go to because I'm tired)
no one knows what their doing til about 12:30
or all my girls chillin' with they dudes and I'm just like left out

OK Saturday night.

OK Saturdays are a little better.
other than the fact.
Tiana is at work so i cant chill with her
Camille is all boo'd up
and anything that i do want to do during the day....

dun duh dun duhhhh..... waallaaa...
it doesn't happen.
now towards the sunset I'm completely ready to go out
these are mainly the club/party nights.
now this is the problem.
we(us girls)
will get all ready to go out lookin bomb. (as usual)
and either before,or during this so called
("poppin party")
there is always a fight and the shit gets shut down.
so basically we wasted a
and F-n'
10 bills.
o yah lets not forget about gas!
(because of course everything is always far)


OK now by this time I'm completely over the weekends. i recap on how lame the F-n' weekend was
and i usually end up buying my self something from


this makes me feel a tad. bit better.
it just seems i have more excitement on the weekdays going to work and
arguing with ppl all day then i do on the weekends.
and Sunday nights are pretty much out why.?
I'm independent and have a job to be at in the morning.
I'm so frustrated right now
and no one has yet to make my night.

hopefully my weekends will get better.


update*** grey's fam always makes my night so scratch that

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