Saturday, July 4, 2009


Today I let yu get to me.
I was weak.
Why I let yu get so close
When I maintained yu at a distance.
Not listening to myself
Gets me to where im at.
Starting as a emotionless attraction
With unattached words.
Yu anger me with yur pride
But yet I seem to never stay mad.
Yu have become my forbidden fruit
The one im not suppose to touch.
But yet im a woman.
With the weakness of eve within me.
Disappointed by truth my apple will rust,
Not knowing if my lust will overwhelm me.
But lust has hurt me before
The kind that has changed a life.
At times I seem to care so much
That I stop caring at all.
I try to keep my mind open to love yu
But my heart is secretly prepared to let yu go.
A constant breakdown in my mind
Of yur unfair, my selfish, way of thinking
Then I stop…
And think…
I wont cry.
It makes me weak.
But the feeling makes me
Write stupid poetry about love and hate.
Yur getting me like this..
Yur giving me emotions
Im opening up
Damn. Im a poet



chikk said...

let me tell you k ...

this is not only what i went through these last couple days, bt hw many texts did i send with some of your EXACT lines. and im reading like wtf this is my long lost twin.

im in love with you lol

BrittNicole said...

awww thanks yu mamas i hope everything works out for yu as i hope for me as well lol keep ready ill post more often=)

Anonymous said...

p.s you cute ;)

Jussara Annrae said...

i love this its so... inspirational and like oh i cant even think. i love it. =)

Butterfly-D said...

this is deep and i def relate

ThinkGoHard said...

ay your work is dope... mad respects fam.

check me out...