Saturday, April 9, 2011

Story Synopsis

This is becoming redundant.

Walking around like some kind of god.

Trying to figure out the world’s philosophy

You know nothing without knowledge

One day you will learn when the salt hits

And your eyes begin to burn.

Thanking me for everything when your actions

Show me no credit for my hard work.

So yet I have failed, in accomplishing any mission.

Trying to find different ways to make you better

In this world that you live in.

Maybe I should of invested in glass

And your time may not pass so easily

When looking in the reflection of your own filth

This mess you created

no one can see it Because they think that you’ve made it.

But you have Your picture locked away behind a bolted door

Hiding it from the world so they cannot see the damage

To this frame,

all they see is youth a price you pay in vain.

Ain't it a shame how so many pictures can tell so many lies

Never needed a picture because you were living in a painting.

Always wanted to freeze time when time was in the frame.

Now all you freeze is pain.

And you wonder why it’s not the same.

Began to sink in this ocean of lies,

Great swimmer but could only trend water for so long.

Started to drown in this wave you call life.

Going up and down up and down

How do you expect to survive?

These waves causing massive destruction

Poor Japan, they were left with nothing.

Being under water you lose all senses.

Doesn’t seem worth it

Thank god I finally made it out of this ocean

Got sea sick from this wave of emotion.

Now I can finally breathe

Standing on land that was created for me.

Because the ground also moves

Just hard to see when you don’t look at your feet.

I lied. Saying I didn’t know if I could make it

Saw my options and finally weighed it.

My scars remain permanent

Never forgetting the pain

Of her name edged on your lips in vain

With my soul wounded my smile still remains the same

Won’t play the victim ill take my part

Wednesdays are sad days at the same ol park.

Understand my silence.

Because this is becoming so timeless.

Think this is the story synopsis

Trust me I haven’t even began to write it.

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