Monday, December 1, 2008


i dont understand
its like one minute yur happy
the next yur not
one min yu love
the next its as if yu dont care.
***i go through this shit all the time. its like when its convenient for everyone else to have me around or talk to me then cool...right?!?!***
lets see my weekend yah ups n downs over all it was pretty good. like really good. now its Tuesday n i feel like i have had just the worst week ever. dont really have anyone to talk to at this point that would understand. the ones that i would talk to are hush mouth! and im tired of everyone having me there to talk to but its not returned.


and to top it off i have homework.

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* - misnomer . said...

yo , i totally get this .
it's like yu offer your shoulder to others & when you're in need of one , they simply are not there .